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B2B Opportunities

The Fast Track to B2B

Conor's management team, Derek Daly Academy, along with their motorsports athletes, has developed an extensive network of companies that understand the power of motorsports when it comes to business development. Structuring business relationships is a top priority for The Derek Daly Academy and is part of our DNA.  At DDA  we look for and seek out ways to connect our Business Partners to new sales and marketing opportunities around the world.

As a global platform, motorsports offers an endless stream of unique ways to connect and make business happen. From financial services to commercial development to global logistics to food service to product manufacturing, DDA has build an exclusive network that offers incredible rewards to everyone involved in supporting this group of elite athletes. Business-to-Business solutions drive what we do everyday

A sample of companies already within the program include;

Merchant Services LTD- One of the fastest growing credit card processors in the country
CallCap - Most people have heard of call centers, well Callcap is a listening center where your sales staff receive coaching within 5 minutes of a call allowing you a second chance at the sale if the first was not successful.
Tom Lange Companies - A  long time Fruit & Vegrtable distributor

Sofina Foods
DaVinci Foods
Traffic Tech Logistics
Bamford Produce

Who ever said you can’t mix business and pleasure. DDA can show you how your business can enjoy the excitement of motor racing, while doing business at the same time. If you have a business you want to connect to the world of motorsports, we are the group that can get that done. If you are looking to work with one of our industry contacts, just pick up the phone to our marketing department and speak to;

Jeff Grist, 905 328 7458 or jeff@derekdalyacademy.com


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